The Lounge


Happy Hour


$26 Twilight Dinners

4-6PM  Mon-Sat

In House Dining Only

B r u s c h e t t a   R u s t i c a
pan-roasted Roma, sweet garlic, chilis….virgin oil, fresh basil Chiffonade, Crostini, Reggiano   13 HH / 14

C r i m i n i s   M a r s a l a
baby mushrooms with caramelized shallot, sweet Italian Marsala and house-crafted Demi Glace    14 HH / 15

W a r m   G r u y e r e   A r t i c h o k e   G r a t i n
from the oven with Ciabatta   14 HH / 15

P e n n   C o v e   M u s s e l s
chopped garlic, fresh thyme, sherry & real cream  15 HH / 17

C a l a m a r i   A   M o d o   M i o
tender squid flashed with chopped garlic, Italian Pear Tomato coulis, 
juiced lemon, chilis and sweet basil   HOT!   15 HH / 17

2 1 8   P r a w n s
blackened brown sugar and cayenne, fresh tomato, Sweet Basil Creme Fraiche   HOT!   15 HH / 17

P a c i f i c   C o a s t   C r a b   C r o q u e t t e s
 cut lemon, capers, Spiced Red Pepper Andalouse  15 HH / 17

P e t i t e   M a n i l a   C l a m s
chopped garlic and shallot, Pinot Grigio, sweet cream butter and a plethora of fresh garden herbs   15 HH / 17

C a r p a c c i o
 barely seared pepper-crusted Filet Mignon, baby greens, Bermuda onion, Gorgonzola, Caper Berry  15 HH / 17

C i a b a t t a
 with Spiced Aglio Olio   5


all house wine pours

and beer on special…

plus select martinis and

well drink discounts


large party reservations


( 8   o r   m o r e )


In House Dining Only