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Happy Hour

4-6  Mon-Sat




P e n n   C o v e   M u s s e l s
chopped garlic, fresh thyme, sherry & real cream   6 HH / 12

B r u s c h e t t a
pan-roasted Roma, sweet garlic, chilis….virgin oil, fresh basil Chiffonade, Crostini, Reggiano   6 HH / 12

C r i m i n i s   M a r s a l a
baby mushrooms with caramelized shallot, sweet Italian Marsala and house-crafted Demi Glace    6 HH / 12

C a l a m a r i   A   M o d o   M i o
tender squid flashed with chopped garlic, Italian Pear Tomato coulis, 
juiced lemon, chilis and sweet basil Creme Fraiche   HOT!   6 HH / 12


W a r m   G u y e r e    A r t i c h o k e   G r a t i n
from the oven with Ciabatta   10 HH / 12

P e t i t e   M a n i l a   C l a m s
Pinot Grigio, sweet cream butter and a plethora of fresh garden herbs   10 HH / 13

C a r p a c c i o
 pepper-crusted Filet Mignon…briefly seared, served RARE with tender greens, Bermuda onion, Imported Gorgonzola, Caper Berries  11 HH / 14

2 1 8   P r a w n s
blackened brown sugar and cayenne, cool bedded spinach, fresh tomato
and sweet basil mayonnaise  HOT!  10 HH / 13

P a c i f i c   C o a s t   C r a b   C r o q u e t t e s
 baby greens, ripe tomato, cut lemon, capers, Spiced Red Pepper Andalouse  10 HH / 13



C a e s a r
romaine hearts, Parmesan, cut lemon, crouton, capers  9 HH / 11 

L e m o n   T a h i n i
baby spinach, Crimini mushrooms, Bermuda onion, fresh tomato, crouton, Parmesan  11

M i s t a
baby rocket and romaine, 10 Year Aceto Balsamico, ripe tomato, pecans, Gorgonzola  11

a d d . . . 

C h i c k e n   7        O c e a n  P r a w n s   9


~    the following include a petite salad & Ciabatta bread   ~

p a s t a

Puttanesca…WA grown chicken stewed with a plethora of garlic, heady tomato, pickled capers and Kalamatas, Crimini mushrooms, fresh herbs, juiced lemon, Pinot Grigio, chilis and linguini….with Reggiano  HOT!  24  

Bolognese…traditional meat sauce with ground WA beef, pork, sweet onion, garlic and a touch of cream,baked in the oven with Rigatoni pasta, fresh Ricotta and Parmesan  21

Di Mare….very fresh mussels and clams, calamari and prawns, chopped garlic, tomato coulis, Pinot Grigio, juiced lemon, chilis, sweet basil and linguini….with Reggiano HOT!  24

218…U-15 prawns, fresh Crimini mushrooms, caramelized brown sugar, cayenne, cream, ripe tomato, sweet basil and Parmesan   HOT!  24

full plates

2 1 8   K o b e   B u r g e r
100% all natural, Snake River Wagyu ground beef steak…Ciabatta, Criminis, warmed Gorgonzola and Killer Ketchup  18

F i l e t   M i g n o n
seven ounce center-cut WA beef tenderloin pan-seared with Pendelton and Madagascan Peppercorn Creme  34

M a r s a l a
WA grown chicken roasted with caramelized shallot, fresh Crimini mushrooms, sweet Italian Marsala and house-crafted Demi Glace  24

P e z z a t t o   d i   B i s t e c a
WA Filet Mignon Tips pan-seared Drunkin’ Style….garlic, shallot, Cabernet, house-crafted Demi Glace, whole grain mustard and Gorgonzola  34

 G u l f   W h i t e   P r a w n s
U-15’s in the pan with shallot, garlic, caper berries, Pinot Grigio and sweet cream butter  24

P a c i f i c   C o a s t   C r a b   C r o q u e t t e s
 baby greens, ripe tomato, cut lemon, capers, Spiced Red Pepper Andalouse  23


Please inquire about our Gluten Free AND Vegetarian options.

Our Corkage Fee is $20 per bottle with a 2 Bottle Maximum per party.