Dinner Menu




C a r p a c c i o
 pepper-crusted steak…briefly seared, served RARE with baby Rocket, Bermuda onion, Imported Gorgonzola, Caper Berries  14

P a c i f i c   C o a s t   C r a b   C r o q u e t t e s
butter-crisped crab cakes with Spiced Roasted Pepper Andalouse  13

2 1 8   P r a w n s
blackened brown sugar and cayenne, cool bedded spinach, fresh tomato
and sweet basil mayonnaise  HOT!  13

P e t i t e   M a n i l a   C l a m s
chopped garlic, Pinot Grigio, sweet cream butter and a plethora of fresh garden herbs   13 

P e n n   C o v e   M u s s e l s
chopped garlic, fresh thyme, sherry & real cream   12

C a l a m a r i   A  M o d o   M i o
tender squid flashed with chopped garlic, Italian Pear Tomato coulis, 
juiced lemon, chilis and sweet basil   HOT!   12

B r u s c h e t t a
pan-roasted Roma, sweet garlic, chilis….virgin oil, fresh basil Chiffonade, Crostini, Reggiano   12

W a r m   G r u y e r e   A r t i c h o k e   G r a t i n
from the oven with Ciabatta   12

H a n d – C r a f t e d   C h e e s e
a plateau of 3 boutique cheese, olives, Aceto, Croccantini, Ciabatta and fresh local apple   14



P e p e r o n a t a
tender spring greens, fire-roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, crouton, apple, Sweet Pepper Champagne Vinaigrette, Chevre  11 

C a e s a r
romaine hearts, Parmesan, cut lemon, crouton, capers  11 

L e m o n   T a h i n i
baby spinach, Crimini mushrooms, Bermuda onion, fresh tomato, crouton, Parmesan  11

M i s t a
baby rocket and romaine, 10 Year Aceto Balsamico, ripe tomato, pecans, Gorgonzola  11

a d d . . . 

C h i c k e n   6        O c e a n  P r a w n s   9        F i l e t   M i g n o n  10


~    the following include a petite salad & Ciabatta bread   ~


F o r m a g g i o
caramelized shallot, Crimini mushrooms, artichoke hearts, dried tomato, fresh thyme, cream and Formaggio  18  (add chicken or prawns 5)

D i  M a r e
Penn Cove mussels, Manila clams, calamari, sea scallops & ocean prawns with 
Italian Pear Tomato Coulis, Pinot Grigio, chilis and sweet basil  21

B o l o g n e s e   A l   F o r n o
traditional meat sauce with ground Kobe beef, pork and a touch of cream,
baked in the oven with Rigatoni pasta, fresh Ricotta and Parmesan  18

R i g a t o n i   2 1 8
fresh crimini mushrooms, caramelized brown sugar, cayenne, cream 
ripe tomato, sweet basil and Parmesan   HOT!  18  (add chicken or prawns 5)

full plates

M a r s a l a
2 Washington Grown chicken roasted with caramelized shallot, fresh Crimini mushrooms, sweet Italian Marsala and house-crafted Demi Glace  24

F r e s h   F i s h
hand-picked daily….the details will delight    24

R a c k   O f   L a m b
grilled and finished Drunkin’ Style….Cabernet, house-crafted Demi Glace, rosemary, whole grain mustard and Gorgonzola  34   

F i l e t   M i g n o n
seven ounce tenderloin pan-seared with Pendelton and Madagascan Peppercorn Creme  30     

P r a w n s   P i c c a t a
in the pan with shallot, garlic, caper berries, Pinot Grigio and sweet cream butter  24

P a c i f i c   C o a s t   C r a b   C r o q u e t t e s
bedded organic baby greens, cut lemon and spiced Roasted Pepper Andalouse  22 

S c a l l o p    C o q u i l l e
on the half-shell with artichoke hearts, dried tomato, cream, fresh thyme and Gruyere  24

2 1 8   K o b e   B u r g e r
100% all natural, Snake River Wagyu, half-pound ground beef steak…Ciabatta, Criminis, warmed Gorgonzola and Killer Ketchup  19


Please inquire about our Gluten Free AND Vegetarian options

For your convenience, an 20% gratuity will be added to your party of 8 or more