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4PM-6PM     Tuesday-Saturday





C i a b a t t a
with spiced Aglio Olio 8

W a r m   G r u y e r e   A r t i c h o k e   G r a t i n
from the oven with Ciabatta   17

C a l a m a r i   A   M o d o   M i o
flashed in the pan with chopped garlic, plum tomato, chilis, sweet basil  18  GF

2 1 8   P r a w n s
blackened brown sugar and cayenne, fresh tomato, Sweet Basil Creme Fraiche   SPICY!   18  GF

F r e s h   P e n n   C o v e   M u s s e l s
chopped garlic, fresh thyme, liqueur, triple cream   19 GF

F r e s h   P e t i t e   M a n i l a   C l a m s
chopped garlic, sweet cream butter, juiced lemon, Pinot Grigio, fresh garden herbs   19 GF

C a r p a c c i o
Filet Mignon…pepper-crusted, barely seared, sliced over baby greens with Bermuda onion, Gorgonzola, Andalouse   19 GF

 Carpaccio is served Blue Rare and will not be prepared to a different temperature.


S p i n a c h   L e m o n   T a h i n i
baby spinach, Crimini mushroom, Bermuda onion, ripe tomato, Parmesan, house crouton    15

T h e   C a e s a r
romaine hearts, Parmesan, cut lemon, house crouton, capers   15 

add chicken breast or ocean prawns  8/11


    a petite salad, Ciabatta bread, house whipped Potato Reggiano and the Kitchen’s nightly vegetable are included 


P e z z a t t o   D i   B i s t e c a
WA grown beef tenderloin tips…flashed in the pan, finished Drunkin’ Style…shallot, garlic, Cabernet, house-made Demi Glace, a touch of fresh rosemary, whole grain mustard and Gorgonzola    43

F i l e t   M i g n o n
8oz WA grown beef tenderloin pan-seared with Bourbon & Madagascan Green Peppercorn Crema    43  GF

add 3 Ocean Prawns   11


S c a l l o p  S a i n t   J a c q u e s
from the oven with artichoke, dried tomato, fresh thyme, triple cream and Gruyere    38  GF

M a r s a l a   D i   P o l l o
WA grown chicken roasted with caramelized shallot, fresh Crimini mushrooms, sweet Italian wine and house-crafted Demi Glace    34

F r e s h   S t e e l h e a d
from the grill over bedded Arugula, ripe tomato, Andalouse    34  GF


    a petite salad and Ciabatta bread are included


B o l o g n e s e   A l   F o r n o
traditional meat sauce with ground WA beef, pork, sweet onion, garlic and a touch of cream, baked in the oven with Rigatoni pasta, fresh Ricotta and Parmesan     29

L i n g u i n i   D i   M a r e
very fresh petite Manila clams, Penn Cove mussels, prawn, calamari and scallop in a heady plum tomato sauce with chopped garlic, chilis, Pinot Grigio, juiced lemon and sweet basil   34

R i g a t o n i   2 1 8
WA grown chicken breast, fresh Crimini mushrooms, caramelized brown sugar, cayenne, cream, ripe tomato, sweet basil and Parmesan   SPICY!     31



Caesar  4    Tahini  6


Menu items and pricing subject to change daily.

SPLIT CHECKS:  No more than 4 itemized bills per table.  Parties of 6 or more one bill.  Multiple cards OK

ALLERGIES:  Please be aware that during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, the possibility exists for food items to come in contact with other food products. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens.

Shakti’s does not allow guests to bring their own food or beverage.  Sorry, no corkage available.